Our group leaders and their staff are the most important element in the camp experience for your child. Our staff is carefully hand picked from the finest applicant pool in the camping industry.

Our Team of Professionals

Every single camp group is lead by an adult who has graduated college and is likely to be a teacher, parent or work in a variety of related fields that involve children. The yearly return rate of our staff is tremendous and it is the dedicated WHDC veterans that truly make our camp the premier day camp on Long Island.

An extensive staff development program with guidelines set forth by the American Camp Association is created by our dedicated directors and is attended by every group leader, counselor, junior counselor and specialist that works at West Hills. Safety, active participation and conflict management are some of the many topics that are discussed during this important process. Staff development continues throughout the summer and off-season.

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Family Fun

From our Famous Family Overnight to Big Blue Thursday’s and everything in between, West Hills provides family events throughout the year to keep the adventure going for the whole family.