Being able to create lasting memories and experiences for our campers and their families for over 65 years is one of the greatest gifts we could ask for.

The Gordon Family

“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for a wonderful summer. For my oldest, it was the best summer of his life. He got off the bus in tears yesterday and said that it was b/c he already missed his counselors. I have never seen him so emotional! I can’t say enough about all four of his counselors. They were wonderful & I hope they will all be back next year b/c they are truly an asset to WHDC. For my two little ones, they too had the time of their lives. It was their first summer at West Hills & it could not have been better. Their counselors were also terrific! I can’t imagine the work & coordination it takes to do what you do. I wanted to be sure to let you know that we think you did a fantastic job & we look forward to many more summers at West Hills!”

The Stegman Family

“My son has never been to day camp. His first year was at WHDC and we signed him up for four weeks. Then we extended by 3 weeks totaling 7 weeks. He absolutely had the best summer. Met so many new friends and we just went on the overnight there and had a blast as well. The staff is very accommodating and treat you with all respect. They treat you like as part of their family. very nice people and would recommend this camp.”

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The Mikola Family

“My kids have been going to West Hills for years. We love the family atmosphere and the dedication the staff shows to our children. From the beautiful landscape to the exciting activities, this summer home is what my children look forward to all year long.”

Bred D.

My daughter is having the most incredible time at camp! She’s 3 going on 4 and has safely gone zip lining, “bungee” jumping and fishing and boating. Her highlights this summer include catching a fish, learning to swim underwater to retrieve “treasure” and going down big blue. For those moms who are teetering between nursery school for the summer and a camp at such a young age, I can tell you that it is night and day! My daughter attended preschool this past year and came to camp for the summer. 7 weeks later, she has completely blossomed! Her social skills, confidence, coordination, speech ability, and I could go on, have gone through the roof. Not to mention the introduction to numerous sports and performing arts. I could have never anticipated such growth and feeling truly blessed that shes had such an amazing experience. #weLOVEwesthillsdaycamp

Emily S.

As a former camper turned staff member I have nothing but amazing things to say about this camp. I worked in the Gersh @WHDC division as a Comanche Group Leader! I couldn’t have asked for a better first summer here! Hats off to you West Hills!

The Vetrano-Mitchell Family

“This is our third year in a row…. plus my baby girl twins are starting mom and tot camp next week! We can’t wait!”

The Meijer Family

“We LOVE West Hills! A great place with great people and my two munchkins couldn’t be happier!”

The Sherman Family

“My two grandsons have been going to west hills camp for a few years they have loved it they have learned how to swim and made many friends over the years and can’t wait to go again this year.”

Mike M.

“I went to west hills for two summers. It was amazing and I’m going to be working there this summer as a junior camp counselor. West hills is an awesome camp and you will love it as much I loved it when I was a camper there. Best two summers of my life!”

Rachel S.

“Best camp ever!!!! I went for 9 years and was a CIT my last year!! I know in my heart that if my family and I didn’t move to Florida, I would still be at West Hills Day Camp!! I remember how much fun I had every day and how I always was sad on the last day of camp. If I ever move my family back to NY, I will definitely be at West Hills Day Camp!!!”

The Caputo-Fabietti Family

“All three of our children went to West Hills for many years. They have great memories and great friends. It’s more than just a summer camp. Our kids learned a lot of wonderful life skills from the program, especially in the travel programs. I am happy to say that two have been counselors there and our third will be this summer!”

The Kulberg Family

“All year long my kids ask ‘how many days until West Hills!!!!’ Best day camp!!!! This will be our third summer!!!”

Jacques G.

“Best years of my life.”

Google Reviewer

“Best Day Camp Ever. I would recommend this camp to anyone!”

Hanna Z.

“Perfect spot for a family: both parents and kids will enjoy outdoor activities, nature and multiple pools!”

Google Reviewer

“I’m a kid I go to this camp and I love it!! I recommend it.”

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Google Reviewer

“My son is safe and is loving the counselors and activities.”

The Nemshin Family

“So happy we chose West Hills.  My kids love it!!  Thank you!”

The Arrigalli Family

“My son learned to swim at West Hills in just 2 weeks! And he only goes there 3 days a week. Awesome!”

The Valentine Family

“This is truly the most amazing camp. When I had to pick up my daughter for play rehearsal, something she LOVES to go to, she cried all the way home because she didn’t want to leave camp early…Thank you for providing my kids with the best experience, best counselors and best summer!”

The Sontag Family

“I can’t imagine sending my children anywhere else. My daughter has been here for 3 summers. For my son, who is 3 1/2, this was his first camp experience. We couldn’t ask for a more loving, nurturing, fun experience for either one of them.”

The Troisi Family

“Our boys have been West Hills campers for years (14 years, to be exact)! My older son is now a counselor @ West Hills and my younger son will be starting his first year as a CIT. We would never send them anywhere else! Just walk around when you visit and you’ll see a camp full of happy, active kids!”

The Fabietti Family

“Thanks to West Hills for a wonderful thirteen years. Our three children have made so many friends and have great memories of all the fun they had and all the amazing places they have traveled! This year is bitter sweet as it was our youngest’s last year!!! Bravo for a job well done!!!!”

The Germain Family

“I cannot express in words how amazing this summer has been for my daughter, Bailey, but also for my husband and I.  How wonderful to watch as our daughter JUMPED onto the bus each morning to be greeted by a friendly face.  Bailey has had the summer of her life.  She was with a terrific group of girls, enjoyed a wide range of exciting and fun activities, and was led by (in my opinion) the BEST group leader and counselors in your entire camp!!”

The Hammerman Family

“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Jacob’s summer was at West Hills.  This was his first summer at a “big” camp and he had a fabulous time each and every day.  We are signed up for next year and are looking forward to sending his little brother.”

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The Goldman Family

“M did junior travel last summer and had a wonderful experience. He loved the program and can’t wait to do it again this summer! He made terrific friends and they keep in touch throughout the year. The WHDC junior travel staff is terrific and attended to every possible need. Summer is only a few months away….M can’t wait!!!”

The Levitt Family

“We have been with West Hills since 1988 and my daughter H still remembers what a great time she had.  R loves it so much she wants to work for you next summer and S has one more year in Teen Travel.  Over the years I have recommended your camp to many people and they agree with me that West Hills is the best.”

The Kirsoh Family

“Our daughter’s entire West Hills experience has been nothing but the best.  She has been to 2 other camps and by far this experience has been superior to the others.  Thank you very much for this incredible camp/travel experience!!!  She will be back next summer to continue!!!”

The Fennell Family

“This is my daughter’s first summer at West Hills.  She is 6 years old and is having a fabulous summer.  I am really thrilled with the camp and feel we really made the perfect camp choice for our daughter.  She is looking forward to many future summers at West Hills.”

The Kaufman Family

“Thank you so much for Family Fun Day.  I know it was a lot of work for the staff, but everyone had an amazing time.  Many of our friends were able to attend and we all agreed that it was an amazing day.  It also gave working parents an opportunity to see their child enjoying their camp activities!  Thank you!”

The Krinick Family

“Thank you for another fabulous summer!  Our children sure have the ‘West Hills Spirit’ deep in their hearts.”

Steven F.

“Thanks for another amazing summer!”

The McElhiney Family

“I am so impressed by the caliber of all of the people that work at West Hills. L is having THE BEST summer!  We are hooked!   Thank you!”

The DeRobertis Family

“The camp experience was everything you promised and more.  My son had a fabulous first year and we are looking forward to many more.”

The Birnbaum Family

“I want to thank you for a great summer.  My daughter loved camp and really flourished as a person this summer.”

The Kashkin Family

“This is our 9th year and we aren’t leaving until college!”

Sheryl S

“My daughter will be attending West Hills this summer for her third consecutive summer after having spent the last two summers in Junior Travel…. and she is continuing in the travel program because the first two at West Hills were the two BEST summers of her life!  My daughter spent 6 summers in day camp but when she decided she had outgrown day camp decided she had no desire to attend sleep away camp and that is when we decided to enroll her in the West Hills Junior Travel Program.  The staff is truly WONDERFUL!  I cannot speak highly enough about the professional, warm,caring,loving and intelligent people that seem to be hand picked to work at West Hills.  The staff makes certain that all of the children integrate, are continually encouraged to try new activities and sports and are extremely strict about everyone being kind and friendly to one another and have a very strict NO BULLYING policy. Junior travel eases the kids into being away for great short day trips to the nearby beautiful beaches and fun amusement parks before taking 2 and 3 day overnight trips to exciting places like Boston! Most importantly, my child made so many new friends that she sees all during the year and even vacations with and who will be her friends for many years to come!  My daughter as well as my husband and I have such a  warm place in our hearts for West Hills as it is one of the most wonderful places for children to make lasting memories.”

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