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The Teaching TeePee at West Hills Day Camp focuses on Academics as well as Play!

The Teaching Tee-Pee

The Teaching TeePee at West Hills Day Camp focuses on Academics as well as Play!At West Hills Day Camp, we believe that our 3 to 6 year old campers greatly benefit from this amazing literacy program led by New York State certified teacher. The Teaching Tee-Pee takes our campers on an adventure through literature by getting the children to appreciate, talk about and understand various award winning stories throughout the summer.

For our youngest readers, the books come alive as the children create their own crafts which are based on each new story. We continue weekly with the theme of the story through music and movement activities to further enhance the learning process and love for literature. For our older readers, a new book is introduced weekly. The theme of the book is recognized by the campers through a series of team building games and opportunities for personal connections with the characters and lessons within each story.

Our unique Moms and Tots program combines The Teaching Tee-Pee class with an active camp experience for the mothers and their children. This program begins with a 40 minute Teaching Tee-Pee Class featuring a book that comes to life through hands on art, music, poetry and movement activities related to the story. This is followed by one of our many camp activities specifically designed to encourage socialization and communication skills. After their activity, the moms and tots enjoy a period of swim in our filtered and heated pools. The program concludes with lunch.

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